5 Useful but Often Forgotten Tools in Adobe Illustrator

5 Useful but Often Forgotten Tools in Adobe Illustrator

The outburst of new graphic designers & branding experts in Ghana and the rest of Africa recently has led to quite a surge in the search for deeper knowledge using Adobe software. I thought i would contribute my quota by sharing my top 5 most forgotten (or neglected) tools in Adobe Illustrator. Here goes!

Crystallise Tool

Crystallise tool

There’s a whole set of quick re-shaping tools that make creating peculiar objects peculiarly easy. One of my favorites is the Crystallize tool which distorts objects by adding random spiked details to the outline of an object. This works perfectly for when you wish to create vector “bursts” or “shines” and shapes like the famous atom/molecule symbol. You can have a lot of fun with this one.

Blob Brush Tool

Blob Brush tool

The blob brush draws strokes that expand directly into shapes. It’s quite useful during logo design as combining different objects you create by free hand can be a little cumbersome.

Measure Tool

Measure tool

You can use the Measure tool to calculate the distance between any two points and display the results in the Info panel. This can be a quick way to help be a accurate as possible in your design to dimension. It takes a few clicks and a matter of seconds.

Graph Tool

Graph Tool
For some designers who are set in their ways (like myself), we design everything in illustrator: brochures, proposals and even presentations. The column graph tool comes in handy when you want to add graphs to your design work really quickly. There are nine types of graphs you can create. It also allows you to enter data in a neat efficient graph window.

Symbol Sprayer Tool

Symbol Sprayer tool
“A symbol set is a group of symbol instances that you create with the Symbol Sprayer tool. You can create mixed sets of symbol instances by using the Symbol Sprayer tool with one symbol and then using it again with another symbol” (helpx.adobe.com). Design easy using the symbol sprayer to create unique character effects in your work with just a few clicks. You’d be happy you did.
That’s all I’ve got for today’s design quick tips. Be sure to read other articles on www.theworkspaceglobal.com/thrive

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Author: Sydney Sam