Feature A Partner Day – Impact Hub

Today we are featuring our first strategic partner for 2018- Impact hub. We held our first Open Space event, which focused on branding strategy, on their Nyaniba Estates’ premises. Founded…

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Workspace Global

5 Quick tips for effectively working remotely

The key to successful remote work is understanding  (and implementing) the factors that go into effectively managing yourself, your time and maintaining meaningful connections with your colleagues along with getting…

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Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing

With research showing the continuous rise of influence of social media marketing across all industries, it is crucial to create strategies that incorporate social media into all facets of your…

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Make Your Brand Come Alive

A brand is a living entity- and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time the product of a thousand small gestures Think of a brand as a human being,…

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Starting a business

Running a business on passion is incredibly more arduous than working for someone. People in Ghana generally have the ”is the business for my father?” sort of attitude when it…

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Pros and Cons of Open-plan Offices

For start-ups who can barely afford to pay all staff plus rent plus utilities, open-plan offices seem like the likely bet. But as the business grows and more money comes…

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service provider

Open work space etiquette

A guide to working harmoniously with your co-workers Working in an open space usually has a lot of downsides, from the noise to privacy to the hourly distractions. But for…

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