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10 Tips for awesome Graphic Design

  Plan your design: Rather than having planning as the first essential step, the average non-designer only begins to think seriously about their plans for a design AFTER they’re well…

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Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing

With research showing the continuous rise of influence of social media marketing across all industries, it is crucial to create strategies that incorporate social media into all facets of your…

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service provider

Social Media for Businesses

Everybody is on the social media wagon nowadays. A lot of businesses have caught on as well and are using it to their advantage. But among the relatively smaller number…

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The power of hashtags

Hashtags and their impact on your brand

The hashtag (#) is the most popular internet symbol known after the ‘at’ (@) symbol. A decade ago, it had no real meaning or use to the internet beyond signifying ‘number’. Today,…

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