Why You Should Design with a Free Mind

Design involves creativity which is inborn so it comes naturally to every designer.

It is important to identify things that stress you (stressors) in your work environment and deal with them. Design is possible to everyone who puts their mind to it.

    1. Design is a creative process to solve a problem. Designers have the opportunity to leverage ideas and create something that will solve a particular need or problem of a client. Ideas come freely to every designer who has a clear or free mind. Now designing requires creative thinking hence the need to free your mind from anything that causes you stress. This will allow you as a designer to think beyond your usual scope unlike when you are designing under demand or pressure.


    1. Designing requires empathy. Putting yourself in the shoes of your client allows you to think through their eyes giving you the opportunity to come up with something they will definitely love. An effective design not only makes the client smile but goes a long way to shift their minds to positivity in their business, making things easier and better for everyone.


  1. Design takes time. It is very difficult to design creatively on demand. Most brilliant designs need time to brew. It is necessary to allow time for ideas to unfold in order to put them together to create that iterative prototype.


Have fun doing what you love. Design with a free mind!!!!


Why You Should Design with a Free Mind was written by Sedem Glover for the Thrive blog.