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Happy First Monday of September! It’s officially the start of the last quarter of the year and we’re sure you are gearing up to end the year on with a bang; or perhaps still trying to salvage the goals you had for 2018. Let’s inspire with you with some encouragement from our second Strategic partner- 8 Volta Workspaces. This spot was the selected venue for our second and interesting (so far ) Open Space event, centered in networking and having people just vibe and speak on issues affecting the nation as a whole.

8 Volta Workspaces was born out of the personal need of the CEO-Ato Bentsi-Enchill-for an affordable office space in the middle of town. “Before, I worked from coffee shops a lot, but one day, realized that I was spending way too much money there”-he remarks. Also, coffee shops are essentially social spaces so you can’t exactly ask someone to lower their voice or not laugh too loud. The distractions were too many. The three things I need to work are: very fast internet connection, a quiet space and coffee. These components came together to form 8 Volta Workspaces”- he continued.  Considering that many co-working spaces in Accra were situated out of areas where he usually worked and even those around him were fairly expensive. He wanted a place that he (and other people) could sit down for a couple of hours and actually do some work. This has been the objective of the space, since conception and he’s glad to say that he is able to attract a niche of like-minded clients who keep coming back. If this sounds like a place you would like to work at, he’ll be more than happy to have you join the family! And will throw in a free cup of coffee in the mix

We’re proud of our partners and 8 Volta Workspaces is no exception. They offer very affordable rates, super fast internet, proximity to banks, restaurants and grocery stores together coupled with a genial boss. Workspace will be featuring our partners’ stories from time to time so stay tuned!


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