Lose Some, Win Some, In That Order

Everything you did has already been done

A wise phrase I once heard in a song by Ms. Lauryn Hill. Many have spoken this phrase into existence with good reason. Things were carved in stone long before our Ghanaian ancestors even existed, and so we can never assume that we are the first to do anything, when a God clearly created us in his image. We are all products of the establishment, working our way up the corporate ladder, doing what we must do to survive, and this leaves a lot of room for originators. Every century breeds a few new ideas to an old one, a few unique contributors to our world history, but all they ever do is re-invent, or add onto a pre-existent idea.

As an artist at heart, I am very curious about the origin of things, looking for a blueprint to analyze before proceeding with any task, so I can conceptualize an idea that can spark a change in this part of the universe, but I find myself unsuccessful. It is nothing like how the ancient Egyptians left us the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, nothing like how Michael Jackson left the world with Thriller, over 100 million copies sold to date. Nothing like how the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah sought to free the black man from colonial oppression. It is nothing like how Steve Jobs left us obsessing over the iPhone, or how Mark Zuckerberg created this monster of a social media app. I get back to the drawing board and realize I have a lot of work to do.

In a subset of design such as Logo Design, dwells a plethora of amazing designs that never seem to see the light of day. I can’t tell you how many countless times I find me an interesting logo on Pinterest or Behance that I just don’t see around. Their exposure levels are extremely low, yet these are designs that are worthy of contending on the global stage. I guess money truly is power, especially when attempting to push your brand.

Nevertheless, my mantra is God, mind, word, and creation. I constantly challenge myself to re-invent and create something new every now and then, despite societal limitations. People are not ready for change, it is forced on them until they submit to it. Sometimes one has to take a completely different direction in order to will something new into being. You may receive criticisms and bad reception in the beginning, but your efforts will be appreciated later when God allows the world to broaden its spheres of thought at some point in time. By all means, it is okay to borrow ideas, but never cease to think of the possibilities of your own capabilities. You just might be amongst the few persons to contribute to our story.


Lose Some, Win Some, In That Order was written by Samuel Dadey for the Thrive blog.