Make Your Brand Come Alive

A brand is a living entity- and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time the product of a thousand small gestures


Think of a brand as a human being, for us as humans there is a point of conception, a nurturing process, and then a blossoming when one reaches or realises their full potential. Brands need to be taken care of, paid attention to carefully and intricately just like a new born baby.

Point of conception

 This is when you get that great spark! When that great idea that you want to show to the world comes to you, the joys you feel, the potential you see and the sleepless nights you know will just be worth it in the end.

Nurture it

 Brands need love and attention just like children or even lovers do, they have feelings and emotions like people do. Thriving on positivity and cowering from negativity, what is said about your brand at this crucial time could make or break it.

Brands go through a series of changes, through the relationships they make along the way. Different relationships show help with growth, learning and understanding. A bad break up teaches you the mistakes you may have made. As does a business arrangement or conflict from creative differences.

When branding stay away from those bullies in the playground, do not allow anyone to come in and overpower your idea, your spark and the reason you had so many sleepless nights. Don’t let anything poison your love and beliefs for your brand.

It is true we are bound and destined to make and break relationships, it is inevitable but it is what you learn and how you use it for the better that really counts.

There is also that awkward adolescent stage where everything is just a complete mess your brand is still growing and you just need some fine tuning, some extra revision classes to pass those oh so important tests.

The Blossoming

 You are now there, you have gotten to where you envisioned your brand being, all the work and lessons have all been worth it, it is now time to graduate and show your brand to the world. Throw off those graduating caps and gowns you’ve made it!

But now that your brand is ready doesn’t mean it will or could stay the same, it is always subject to change, your journey may change or your vision may expand. There are countless possibilities for your brand, and endless choice of possibilities.

All brands need are tender loving care,  watch it reap more benefits with a little love and affection, than when it is viewed as just simply a money making machine. Take care of your brand, birth it nurture it and them watch it blossom.


Make Your Brand Come Alive was written by Nicolle Alera for the Thrive blog.