Slogans do pay off


Slogans do pay off; at least the good ones do.

You for know!”, and “Power to you.

How do these make you feel? Can you identify the brands in Ghana associated with them? Are you inclined to any one in particular?

Well, these short striking memorable phrases go a long way to imbibe an impression in your mind. They are always simple and concise; and very distinct from one another.

Slogans or payoffs are the magic words that reinforce the positive connection or idea one associates with any brand.

Our brains can only recall so much information at a time and being remembered is key in branding. You will find it interesting that each time you hear “She wants more,” you are immediately reminded of Fiesta Condoms or of EFPAC when anyone says anything related to “blowing pain away”.

Here are a few reasons why slogans play such a huge role in branding:

1. Perspective

There are a million different ways to look at any brand. If you say you are the BEST sandwich company out there, you should ask yourself: Are my sandwiches made from manna from heaven? Do they cure terminal illnesses? What at all should your people be thinking about when they consider ‘the best sandwich brand’ around?

If your sandwich brand slogan says, “Joy for days,” you can predict consumers will associate ‘best’ with a pleasant taste or the happy service that makes them. If you championed “Made for perfection,” people can expect and appreciate the critical approach involved in making your sandwiches.

Your slogan highlights the niche your brand is creating for itself in your business industry. Without this, your clients do not know what you stand for and that is almost the same as standing for nothing. You can imagine how bad that is for business.

2. Promise

You usually do not always have marketers on the ground to convince every potential client about how ‘great’ or ‘reliable’ your product/service is. Think about how “Made of more” makes you feel about Guinness. There is a strong inclination to trust that the drink is made with premium stuff; and that it will empower you in some strange inexplicable way. Slogans build trust. They give consumers something to look forward from your brand.

3. Positive emotion

Payoffs excite humans into action. They make a product or service more desirable. Coupled with unique colours and images, slogans spark enough energy to drive your market into action. Nike’s “just do it” is so ballsy and instructive, it’s hard not silently answer “OK, why not!” in the quiet of your mind. Nike then becomes a subtle encouraging life force each time you come into contact with Nike brand material.

Levi’s says “quality never goes out of style”. Don’t you just think, “Damn right, it doesn’t.” These words make you confident about wearing something Levi’s.

Slogans are vital in the business of capturing mind space and driving humans to make a purchase, to recommend a brand and to keep coming back. It’s hard to measure exactly how deep the essence of slogans go in branding; but bad slogans are known to have caused catastrophic effects in many industries.

I remember McDonald’s once thought to go with “Lovin’ beats hatin” as their payoff. I don’t think consumers could be more confused. Why? What is happening? You can imagine the dip in burger sales for this three-word campaign from hell.

Dr. Pepper Cherry also tried “It’s not for women!” as their slogan. Think about what that will do to sales in this gender sensitive world today. Dr. Pepper would probably have to drink all their stock by themselves. Women would hate it, and men will feel uncomfortable drinking Dr. Pepper for fear of being associated with anything sexist.

So the next time you see or hear  company’s slogan, see how it makes you feel about their product. And don’t forget to tell us about it!

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*’Do Slogans Pay Off’ article written for the Thrive blog by Sydney Sam. Sydney is the Creative Director of The Workspace