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5 ways to be a better Client

It’s a vicious world out there, for both clients and service providers. There always seems to be a mismatch and finding a creative agency that understands you and works the…

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What design means to me

I design to solve a problem. It is not fundamentally about beauty…it helps, yes but it is more about functionality. A good design is one that works. What inspires you…

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Understanding minimalism

Vectorization made easy!

There are several ways of drawing an artwork: digitally or by hand. Although some methods are more convenient than others, it all depends on your skill, speed, and originality. In…

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Beauty photography

Beauty Photography Pitfalls

Things people don’t really tell you about beauty photography All the photographers you look up to started from somewhere. They did not just master beauty photography. Actually, the same theory…

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Gilbert talking

Basic Design Elements

Design elements are the basic ingredients every design project must have. When combined in a specific way, these elements allow your design to have that unique feel and stand out…

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Slogans do pay off

Slogans do pay off; at least the good ones do. “You for know!”, and “Power to you.” How do these make you feel? Can you identify the brands in Ghana associated…

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