5 Quick tips for effectively working remotely

The key to successful remote work is understanding  (and implementing) the factors that go into effectively managing yourself, your time and maintaining meaningful connections with your colleagues along with getting the job done. It’s about choosing your path to achieving results for clientele, whether that is done through a company or as a freelance consultant.…

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8 Things to consider when building your brand identity

What is your brand’s identity? It has to do with what defines it. The same way the way you speak, how you smile, your clothing style, how you wear your hair, your beliefs and how you deal with people define you as a person; The logo, color scheme, tag line, vision even the font used…

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Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing

With research showing the continuous rise of influence of social media marketing across all industries, it is crucial to create strategies that incorporate social media into all facets of your business. There are a number of things one can do to improve their social media marketing and we have selected five of them that will…

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Choosing a brand name for a business

That amazing feeling when you finally decide to start your own business. You are going to be your own boss. But then there’s so much work to do before you can get started. Depending on what you are setting up, it’s going to differ from business to business. Some basics include; finding a great location,…

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Why You Should Design with a Free Mind

Design involves creativity which is inborn so it comes naturally to every designer. It is important to identify things that stress you (stressors) in your work environment and deal with them. Design is possible to everyone who puts their mind to it. Design is a creative process to solve a problem. Designers have the opportunity…

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5 Useful but Often Forgotten Tools in Adobe Illustrator

The outburst of new graphic designers & branding experts in Ghana and the rest of Africa recently has led to quite a surge in the search for deeper knowledge using Adobe software. I thought i would contribute my quota by sharing my top 5 most forgotten (or neglected) tools in Adobe Illustrator. Here goes! Crystallise…

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Samuel Dadei
Lose Some, Win Some, In That Order

Everything you did has already been done A wise phrase I once heard in a song by Ms. Lauryn Hill. Many have spoken this phrase into existence with good reason. Things were carved in stone long before our Ghanaian ancestors even existed, and so we can never assume that we are the first to do…

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Making Space for a MakerSpace

Over the last decade or so, the tools of the modern inventor have become less expensive and easier to use. Today, you can buy a serviceable 3-D printer for less than the cost of a new PC and a college undergrad might show you how to use it. Programmable electronics were once a thing that…

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Make Your Brand Come Alive

A brand is a living entity- and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time the product of a thousand small gestures Think of a brand as a human being, for us as humans there is a point of conception, a nurturing process, and then a blossoming when one reaches or realises their full potential.…

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Starting a business

Running a business on passion is incredibly more arduous than working for someone. People in Ghana generally have the ”is the business for my father?” sort of attitude when it comes to giving their 100% to someone else’s job. Yes. Running your own business can be frustrating; especially when you start from scratch, barely knowing…

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