Colour and its importance in Branding

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We took a poll on our Twitter page (@theworkspace_) about whether colour or a company’s name is more important when building a brand. Although it is the general view that choosing a company name tops the list, we must also stress on the importance of picking the right colour for your company’s look.

Colour equals vibe.

Colour gives people a certain feeling and actually influences a person’s mood. And of course you want to give off a ‘good’ vibe; the right vibe.

Pantone believes that colour “influences 50% to 80% of customer purchasing decisions and it is the first thing a consumer will notice about a brand’s logo.”

There are several reasons why people would choose a certain colour for as their company colour. Some people choose it because it is their favourite set colour and others choose certain colours simply because it looks good. But this article is to help you choose colours for your company because it is meaningful.

Same rule actually also goes with choosing a company name. A name with a good background and story line is much effective than a name that is hard to pronounce with its meaning only being relevant to you.

Let’s take a look at 10 colours and what your brand represents if you use them.

  1. Black

Dramatic, Sophisticated, Classy. Black represents a strong and exquisite brand. A few brands who use this to their advantage are Prada, Michael Kors, Gucci and Chanel. Black also happens to be the most popular colour brands employ. Also helps that it’s a neutral colour and can basically be combined with every other colour!


  1. Blue

Blue is the second most popular colour after black. It oozes ‘trustworthiness’ and ‘security’ and ‘calm’. The lighter the shade of blue, the more calm and cool and safe you feel. It is a great colour to use if you are in the business where you need your clients to feel safe around you and your products. Some examples of companies that use this strategy are Unilever, Ford, Intel and Samsung.


  1. Red

I’m sure when you think of the colour red, you think ‘hot’, ‘fiery’, ‘passion. Red is bold, red is passionate. Red makes you stand out and create that statement you want to make. No one will definitely miss your big and bold red signage. Some few companies who have successfully used the iconic red are Coca Cola, Canon, Adobe and CNN.


  1. Yellow

Next favourite colour on the list, believe it or not is yellow. Yellow definitely stands out. Paint a whole wall black and put a yellow dot on it and it will not go unnoticed. It is known as the optimistic and innovative colour. Don’t go too gaga on the colour though. Be sure to complement it with another colour that can balance it out. See how these great brands used their yellow: Shell, Renault, Good Year and Veuve Clicquot.


  1. Orange

Aah orange! Suddenly makes me feel like jumping around! Can you guess what orange represents? You guessed right! Vibrant and energetic. Fanta is one brand that definitely comes to mind when I think orange. And of course how can I forget the company actually called Orange!


  1. Purple

Purple should be another easy one to guess. Enchanting, regal, royalty. I don’t know how Yahoo fits in these adjectives but they use their purple really well. Other brands that really do it for me are Hallmark and Cadbury. Can you think of two other brands who give off the regal vibe?


  1. Green

The colour green: Nature! Rejuvenating and natural. You should lean towards this colour if your brand aims to make your consumers feel your goods or services give this. Starbucks, BP and Heineken are some few brands making green their own.


  1. Gray

The next best thing to a classy colour after black is Gray. Gray, which is also used to give off the ‘silver’ vibe is sleek and timeless. Apple, Mercedes… I know you’re nodding.


  1. Brown

Brown is almost the least popular colour in this list. It is best for ‘Grounded’ and ‘Robust’ brands like UPS, Louis Vuitton and J. P Morgan.


  1. Pink

The least popular colour among brands is pink, which is understanding. Pink is a loud colour, perceived too playful and anyone who rocks it is very brave! It is deemed to be a feminine colour so it automatically cuts off the male population when used. It’s festive and fun and of course that is why Barbie and T-Mobile love it.



So there you have it. Make your brand work for you by choosing the right elements from the onset.

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The Importance of Colour in Branding by Efua A. Dufu for the THRIVE blog.