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We are on a mission to 

Empower 1 Million impactful entrepreneurs through branding 

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The world of business has changed.  It's faster, super-agile, and more competitive than ever. 

It goes without saying: building a strong brand is necessary.

Workspace Global empowers entrepreneurs with branding services exactly the way they need them: online, swift, and with low involvement.

We're not just creatives, we're entrepreneurs too - like you.

So, we really really get it.

Get the 360 support you need so you can focus on what you do best: building your ambitious dream.


Africa's best creative team
supercharged with tech

6 years in the game and still a startup.

We started out as an agency; we won a few awards and had a pretty great run.


However, our experience branding 158 small-businesses owners awakened a whole new sense of purpose: amplifying the potential of the entrepreneur. 

We asked our entrepreneurs what they really needed. They want an affordable, accessible, high-quality service that wouldn't break the bank as agencies did. They also want low involvement since DIY software, though cheaper, requires hours of sitting behind a PC to get a flyer or a website done. 

Lastly, they love working with freelancers but they have to work with one too many to get holistic brand support; coupled with waiting in line for available time and a few instances of poor customer service. 

Well then, we said: "Challenge-accepted" and 2 years later, this new Workspace Global was born!

Great service + Great Platform 

Workspace Global offers a marketplace where an entrepreneur anywhere can order some designs, commission a website, get some writing done and so much more. 

With our easy forms and customer livechat support, ordering work now takes just a few minutes. We deliver options according to your style preferences in days. Giving feedback is guided and final delivery is prompt. 

We're rolling out new services on our platform in batches.  Custom orders are available. We've got a lot of growing to do to be able to serve you in all the ways we want to. 

Change the way you get your branding. Let's grow together!


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