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What exactly does Workspace Global do?

We are an online 360 branding service providing smarter access to world-class branding and business support to entrepreneurs and organisations based in Africa & across the world. We provide full range design, copywriting, digital and web development services.

What is your payment structure?

To purchase our services, we require that payment is made upfront. If you are purchasing a journey (a package of services), you can pay for your project in milestones. Pay what you can to complete different stages of work.

How can I make a payment to Workspace Global?

Bank transfer, online card payment, mobile money and PayPal

What is a revision?

We measure revisions as the number of times a client contacts us to make a change to their work. For example: 1 email, that contains 5 edits = 1 revision. Revisions can add significant time to a project. Providing thorough feedback ensures faster turnaround time on your work.

How many revisions am I entitled to?

All services are allocated a certain number of revisions. Once you choose your services, you will see how many revisions are included in the service. We require clients to give feedback in a timely fashion (between 24-72 hours from the time a revision/draft/concept/proof is sent). If feedback between revision rounds is delayed (exceeding 72 hours) your project will be pushed to the bottom of the project queue. For each revision beyond the initial complimentary, there will be a surcharge for each additional revision round.

How long will it take to complete a project from initiation to completion?

Timelines for projects vary. We do provide estimated timelines for work completion under each service offering. This does not, however, include the time needed to manage customer revisions.

How much do your services cost?

Our services are competitively and attractively priced for entrepreneurs and organizations alike. Create a profile to browse our services and prices in detail.

How can we/I work with you, what is your project process?

You can begin working with us in a few different ways. Click here to signup, see and order from our menu of services. If you have a special project in mind, send us an email to speak with our client success team.

Do I own the intellectual property and rights of the work you create for me?

Workspace retains ownership of the intellectual property for all of the work we have been commissioned. By default we own all the rights to all our design/production work including preliminary concepts or sketches.

Why hire a branding firm instead of full-range digital marketing or advertising company?

Branding companies look at brands as the big picture for a business. This could be a company’s philosophy, values, reputation, and image. Customers create their own perception of the business as they experience it and decide if it adds value to their lives. A successful brand is able to build a connection between the two. In relation to how branding is associated with advertising and marketing; branding is the ‘why,’ advertising is the ‘what,’ and marketing is the ‘how’ of your business. Advertising is about developing a concept that draws attention to your business. Marketing converts your goals into sales. These two disciplines are rooms in your house that you can add later. Branding is about supporting the entire infrastructure, so you can focus on building your business one’ room’ at a time.

Why is brand identity so important?

Brand identity is essentially how a particular brand stands out among its competitors. Unique and recognizable brand elements for promoting business are the most well-known aspects. While it is true that such parts of a company, including the brand name, logo, and tagline, play a significant role, brand identity goes far beyond these elements. The brand identity encompasses all visual aspects and features included in the overall brand experience. And each part plays a particular role: Brand Image: Whereas brand identity is the brand’s outward expression, brand image is how the target audience perceives the brand. Visual identity is crucial for businesses because the brand image is based on it. One of the hardest and most important tasks for any marketer today is to make audiences develop a brand image that conforms to the identity. Differentiation: Identity helps a brand differentiate itself from its competitors. This, in turn, is essential for positioning strategies. Consistency: Out of everything related to branding and brand identity, consistency is the most critical part of all. Developing a consistent outward expression is crucial to generating the perception that the brand needs. Personality: Brand identity helps communicate the brand’s personality via visual means. Let’s boil down all of the above into one general point. In essence, brand identity helps develop a brand image that audiences can consistently relate to and, therefore, always associate the brand with the services or products it provides.