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Do you provide refunds for your services?

We strictly do not provide any refunds. We value the work we do and the time we spend on our work

Can I cancel my project? 

Yes, you can cancel your project at any time during the course of your project. Once we have received your notice of cancellation in writing via email all work will cease (a notification for cancellation via phone call or social message i.e. Instagram DMs will not be accepted.) We do not provide any refunds.

Upon cancellation of a project, Workspace reserves the right to keep all work created in the course of the project up until the point of cancellation from preliminary to final.

Workspace will keep the preliminary work/art and any studies already rejected by the client, in some cases the client may keep the most recently approved version of the work.

The use of work created by Workspace and any affiliated parties, in relation to the project without Workspace’s consent may result in legal action.

We reserve the right to request all materials delivered to the client up until the point of cancellation be returned to Workspace.

Workspace reserves the right to cancel any project at any time if it deems a client non-compliant with the contract, NDA and the Company’s policies and standards.